Family Poke-Battle!

Disclaimer: You’ll probably need a little bit of Pokemon knowledge to understand this post. Otherwise, you’ll probably think I’m crazy. And rightfully so. Carry on.


I was sitting in the floor yesterday battling K-girl. No, I don’t mean we were Kung-Fu fighting. I mean, I thought she should wear clothes to go to town, and she thought she shouldn’t. At 11-months-old, I don’t think she’s qualified to make those kinds of decisions.

Meanwhile, TheWiseOne (who is also Pokemon obsessed) comes up to me and starts playfully slapping my head with his jacket sleeves. (I fail to see how slapping your mother with your jacket as she attempts to dress your squirming sister is wise, but that’s just me.) Then he cries, “TheWiseOne used double smack!”

I see now that he is no longer seeing his mother. He has entered a world in his imagination where I am some sort of wild Pokemon that needs to be caught.

And I am totally not having it.

“Your mother uses scold,” I reply, Poke-style.

Meanwhile, TheBaldEagle calls from the living room, “It’s effective!”

TheWiseOne stops smacking me–either enjoying our little game or shocked his parents know anything about Pokemon. Or maybe he just realized he’d been smacking his mom–not a wild Pokemon.

TheBaldEagle then adds, “TheBaldEagle used butt-whoopin’! It’s super effective!”

TheWiseOne fainted.

Okay, not really. But in a real Poke-battle he would’ve. Anyway, parents win.

No butts were harmed in the making of this post.


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