Toddler POV: TheLittlePrince

TheLittlePrince is three, and although he can count very well, adding may not be his forte…

Me: (holding up two fingers on one hand and one on the other) “What’s two plus one?”
TheLittlePrince: “Uh… THREE!”
Me: “Good job!”
TheLittlePrince: “What’s four plus one?”
Me: “Five.”
TheLittlePrince: (makes an obnoxious buzzer noise) “Wrong! Because five is gone!”

I don’t even know what to say about that.

Later, TheLittlePrince and daddy were having a wrestling match when TheLittlePrince “got” daddy. And, of course, daddy starts pathetically fake crying.

Well… I’m probably not the best example of compassion because I started laughing hysterically then quickly schooled my expression to one of sympathy and said, “TheLittlePrince, you made Daddy cry!”

And then he whispered triumphantly, “Yes.”


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