Corn Maze Haze

It was a good day…

…so far.

TheBaldEagle and I decided to treat the kids to a day out to a day at Lark Ranch for “the ultimate Fall experience”. Or so they claim.

Actually, we LOVE Lark Ranch! We go every year. There’s a ton of free things to do there including a corn maze, hayrides, a giant bouncy pillow, a petting zoo, playhouses, etc.

Gosh, it makes me tired just typing it.

There’s something to be said regarding the excitement you feel when you go somewhere fun. I think they should have before and after pictures, too. Kind of like the pictures they take when you’re on a roller coaster, only these would be as you enter the park and as you’re leaving.

Our before picture would’ve looked like this: all six of us smiling, children skipping, hubs and me snapping pictures of the kids together, and all of us CLEAN.

The after picture would’ve looked like this: Hubs and me dragging kicking and crying kids out, Z-boy complaining that he’s thirsty, K-girl crying and tearing her socks off, TheLittlePrince whining and coated with mud, and me with toddler-sized muddy handprints on my skirt.

Apparently rain + dirt + corn maze = bad idea. 

The corn maze is a bit of a blur now, but I distinctly remember us walking in a line when it happened. The two oldest boys were in the lead with TheBaldEagle–carrying K-girl– as I trailed behind with TheLittlePrince whose little legs couldn’t quite keep pace.

Suddenly, TheBaldEagle turned around and called, “Watch out for the mud!” And sure enough, there it was–a nice big, slimy patch of mud just waiting to claim its next victim.

TheLittlePrince started skipping along as if his dad’s warning had instead been an invitation to run with scissors. The next thing I knew, I had a hysterical toddler with mud up to his knees and hands caked with mud.

And the first thing he does is look at his hands dripping mud and starts freaking out–refusing to move until they’re clean.

Because boys–especially toddlers–prefer cleanliness at all times…??? Really, LittlePrince? Really?

After failed attempts to console him, I did what any desperate mother who wants to get out of a corn maze would do. I let him use my skirt as a napkin.

TheBaldEagle turned around in time to see TheLittlePrince gleefully smearing mud on my once clean clothes…

…and me just standing there. Taking it. Like a good mommy. Who has had enough.

Despite this incident, the rest of the afternoon went well… with the exception of the part when I thought TheLittlePrince might have broken his leg from jumping off a ladder (because he didn’t realize the laws of gravity pertained to him as well), but he didn’t. So all is well. 🙂


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