Creepy Dolls. Nope.

I am so afraid…

…of spiders…

…and dolls…

…and scary movies.

You can imagine my horror when TheWiseOne had a Halloween party and several boys spent the night. No, that is not the horrible part. The horrible part came when they snuggled up on the couch with their pillows and blankets, turned off the lights, and asked to watch Goosebumps. 

Remember how I hate scary movies? Yeah. I was all like, “Okay. Cool. Peace out! I’ll be hiding in the bedroom watching Carebears if you need me!”

*sigh* I am a sad, sad person.

Over the weekend, TheWiseOne one-up’d me. He asked to watch an episode of The Haunting Hour about a doll… that comes to life. And I guess there’s a scene in that episode where the characters begin to get suspicious that there’s more to the doll than meets the eye. So, they set up the video camera, and while they’re watching, the doll moves. Like, walks off camera…

Then reappears right in front of the camera, like this:

After this lovely bit of information, I’m just like, “Nope.”

Carebears it is then.


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