Halloween: Arnold Style

This year in Indiana, it snowed… on Halloween.

This is what happens when hundreds of little girls trick or treat as Elsa from Frozen.

I hate you, Elsa.

Despite the frigid temps, the Arnold family trick-or-treated. TheWiseOne was dressed as a Pokemon Ranger… which means that nobody knew what he was, but smiled politely and gave him candy anyway. Z-boy was a ninja turtle… again. (At least we got to recycle last year’s Halloween costume.) For TheLittlePrince, I paired a cape with a t-shirt that read “Super Stud”. K-girl wore a hat with braided yarn “hair” and went as a baby doll.

Unfortunately, it was so cold that you really couldn’t see the kids’ costumes well. In fact, they looked more like trick-or-treating eskimos. I had K-girl bundled up with a coat so thick that she resembled a pink beach ball. She was so round that I thought if I dropped her–God forbid–that she’d hit the ground and bounce back up in my arms.

Overall things went well. The boys were excited to visit their great-grandmother. Actually, they were excited to know they even have a great-grandmother. Because they’re boys, they’d completely forgotten they had a great-grandmother and this was suddenly new and exciting knowledge. Plus, they found out she has slot machines in her basement. (That’s a whole other story. Yes, my grandma is cool.) Then they found out that she is their only remaining great-grandmother and they were even more excited. (Edited 11/2/14: I have somehow wiped my grandmother off the family tree. They have two great-grandmothers. They see my grandmother so often that I think of her as their grandmother, too.)

“I hope she doesn’t die,” TheWiseOne thought aloud as we pulled in the driveway.

Please don’t say that to her,” I reminded him.

Somehow, I don’t think older people would take too kindly to my child joyfully yelling, “Trick or treat! Wow, you’re so old! Try to stay alive, okay?” But I dunno. You tell me.


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