I think I’ve previously mentioned that outings with my kids are… experiences.

Apparently, a trip to the library is no different.

Z-boy had been having a challenging day. As an ADHD kid, some days are easy and some days are…


And I decided–for whatever reason–to take the gang to the library on one of those days. All by my lonesome.

I’m not always the smartest mama.

After warning the kids to eat now or forever hold your peace, we loaded up into the blue box aka the minivan.

We had no more than hit the highway when I heard a whiny voice declare, “I’m hungry! And thirsty!”


If I could headdesk while driving, I would’ve at that time.

We then argued about food.

And allowance money.

And how banks work.

Finally, my sanctuary was in sight. We pulled into the library. The kids beelined upstairs where Z-boy promptly held a librarian hostage and demanded books about space.

I was browsing while pushing K-girl in her stroller when I heard what can only be described as boisterous reading.

Z-boy sat on an oversized beanbag chair reading his new book. Rather loudly.

“Sshhhhhhh,” I pressed a finger to my lips and put on my patient parent face.

“Hey mommy!” he cried unperturbed, “Look at this!”

I smiled, nodded, and shushed him again.

“Hmm,” he hopped up, “I’m going to find some company!”

I continued browsing while the boisterous reading resumed distantly. I heard the lilt in his voice as he quizzed his “company”.

Suddenly it dawned on me that the sound of the reading was coming from the wrong direction. I went in search of the voice (which took two seconds) and found Z-boy plopped in the middle of the teen section…

…reading with a similar volume to a heavy metal concert to a smirking teenager who obviously didn’t find being read aloud to as fascinating.

And Z-boy was quizzing him like this was Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

And so I whisked him away to the safety of the children’s section. And I mean for the other kid’s safety because he was about to get read to death.

I spent the rest of the trip listening to the ins and outs of space exploration and picking up blocks K-girl had abandoned.

Yay me.


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