The Boy and The Webcam

There are some opportunities that are too good to miss.

One presented itself today, and TheBaldEagle snagged it.

Today our 7-year-old decided to act more like an angsty 17-year-old, and was hiding out in his sister’s room with the door closed.

What he probably wasn’t thinking about was that we have a camera in her room. Instead of a baby monitor, we bought an inexpensive webcam. We can watch K-girl from our computer in the living room or even our cell phones.

And we have the capability to talk to her through the webcam, too.

So, TheBaldEagle, having seen Z-boy leaning against the door with a pout that even Posh Spice would be jealous of, gleefully snagged the microphone and started whispering, “Z-booooy… Z-boooy…”

Z-boy may be young, but he ain’t no fool. He ran out of the room and yelled at TheBaldEagle, “Stop!” Then he ran back to the room and resumed pouting.

TheBaldEagle was not so easily deterred.


Again, Z-boy ran out of the room, “Stop it!” Back into the eye of webcam he went.

Finally, he whispered, “Z-boooooy… look in your pocket. There’s 5 bucks.”

Z-boy sprung to attention, “Huh?!” Then he dug in his pockets.

Cue parent maniacal laughter.


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