It’s a Hard Knock Life

I am a walking musical.

I’m the kind of person who busts out in song randomly. I’m the kind of person who sings about her trip to town to buy groceries.

And my kids don’t think it’s awesome.

Yesterday, I had “It’s a Hard Knock Life” stuck in my head from Annie. What a super catchy tune! Darn you, Annie!

I guess TheWiseOne finally had enough because he told me he didn’t want to hear it anymore. Then he sauntered off into the bathroom.

It was then that I saw my golden opportunity…

…to scare the life out of my spawn.  

What kind of parent passes up this opportunity? Not this girl.

So, I tiptoed down the hall and waited outside the bathroom door–hunched over at his eye level with arms spread wide. As soon as TheWiseOne stepped out, I belted, “It’s a hard knock life for us!”

Now, what I didn’t realize is that TheWiseOne had apparently gotten a drink of water while he was in the bathroom and–for some unknown reason–had not swallowed all of it. So, when I startled him, he kind of freaked out which looked kind of like this:

And he fell to the floor and “lost his water”.

But I’d totally do it again.


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