Conversations of the Arnolds

TheWiseOne: “Mom, I wonder if you’ll become a famous singer someday…”
Me: “What?”
TheWiseOne: “I overheard you singing. You have good timing.”

I don’t think good timing is enough to make you a world renowned singer, but I take the compliments where I can get them.

Also, we’re still working on potty training TheLittlePrince…

Me: “LittlePrince, do you need to use the potty?”
TheLittlePrince: (excited) “Yes! (TheLittlePrince climbs on the potty and promptly pees, but continues grunting.) COME ON PEE PEE GET OUT! (farts) Oh, what was that?! A fart came out!”

Z-boy did not say anything funny this week because he was sick. The only funny thing he did was act like a calm, normal child which was more funny-peculiar than funny-ha ha. In fact, we knew he was sick when we found him napping during the day. The child never sits down let alone takes a nap. He is feeling some better now.

K-girl doesn’t really have conversations at age 1, but she’s mastered the ability to slap people. And clapping is awesome to her right now.


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