Head Bangin’

I walk past my bedroom to find Z-boy slinking out, looking slightly sheepish.

“Hey, mommy,” he grins. “I was just in your room. There are gift bags on your bed.”

Insert eye roll here. “Yes,” I agree. “You were with me when I bought them at Aldi’s today. I needed gift bags.”

“Yeah,” Z-boy replies. “I see you have some gift giving business going on.”

I chuckle and walk away. You’ll not find your presents today, Z-boy. Not today.

Also, in Arnold-news, TheLittlePrince has hit a growth spurt and, apparently, it hits back.. He went from being in 3T to skipping right up to 5T. His new-found height has caused him some trouble–he gave himself a black eye today by running into the corner of the kitchen table.

He came, he saw, and the table conquered.


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