Where boogers come from…

Another apology for the absence. Internet is… lacking right now.

In other words, I’m in the middle of nowhere with just enough cell signal to be a tease.

Cell Phone: “Want to check Facebook?”
Me: “Yeah!”
Cell Phone: “Okay, grab a bowl of popcorn. It’s gonna take a while.”
Me: :´(

If you missed the last post, we’re moving. In fact, we’re living with my parents right now while we look for a house.

Bless their souls.

Let us now have a moment of silence for their sanity.

Anyway, K-girl has finally started walking at 14 months old.

It’s. About. Time.

As a parent, I realize I shouldn’t rush these milestones and enjoy the time that she is my baby girl… but I am so tired of her crawling all over her clothing and ruining the knees in her tights! I’m all, “Walk already, kid!”

She can walk and still be my baby. She’ll just be my baby walking in clothes without filthy knees.

And another important milestone was reached, this time by TheLittlePrince: Today we learned where boogers come from.

As TheLittlePrince sat on my lap today, I heard this: “Mommy, there’s something in my nose! Mommy, there’s a booger in my nose! Mommy, there’s disgusting in my nose!”

Ah, the life of a mother.


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