I’m Peeing… In the Trash!

My mom said I should blog about my son peeing in the trash can because apparently it is… funny. So, here’s the shameful story:

I was lying in my bed reading some young adult novel that I’m way too old for when I heard one of the kids get out of bed. I waited and listened for the sound of little footsteps walking back to bed, but it never came. Reluctantly, I flung my warm blankets off and padded into the dark living room (where the boys are sleeping while we stay with my parents) when suddenly I saw…

“Z-boy!!!” I cried in shock. There stood my seven-year-old gleefully peeing IN THE TRASH!


Z-boy craned his head around to smile at me sheepishly.

I watched his stream die the death of the red-handed.

And then I yelled at him (I mean, yelled as softly as you can at night) things like, “If you were scared to use the bathroom, you should’ve gotten me.” And, “You know better!” And, “That’s disgusting!” And, “Ew!” And, “Really! YOU KNOW BETTER! AND YOU’LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! AND I LOVE YOU GOODNIGHT!”

Oh my gosh, so gross! And upon further investigation, this wasn’t his first rodeo. *Shudder*

So, what have we learned? Never assume your first grader knows where their bodily fluids belong.


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