The topic for this morning seems to be poop.

I understand if you want to turn away now.

See, the thing with my freshly potty trained 3-year-old is that he’s still not a fan of pooping in the potty. In fact, he’ll just hold it as long as he can so that he just doesn’t poop at all.


So, you can see how that would be a problem. Apparently, the body is not meant to retain stool indefinitely.

But don’t worry ’cause momma brought out the big guns! This is ain’t my first rodeo!

We went through this stool-holding business with TheWiseOne when he was potty training. That’s when we learned the magic of Miralax from our pediatrician.

I felt only slightly guilty as I snuck a dose into TheLittlePrince’s chocolate milk this morning. Thankfully, there’s virtually no taste. He guzzled the stuff down completely unaware. And I realize that putting a laxative into constipating-milk is not the greatest of ideas, but bear with me.

Then I waited.

About an hour later, I heard TheLittlePrince whining in front of the bathroom door. It was time.

Quickly I set him down on the potty. Success! I could hear the little plop of poop! (Sorry, as a parent of a newly potty trained kid, I get really excited about this stuff.) TheLittlePrince was surprised/excited, too, as his eyes grew wide.

TheLittlePrince: “It’s splashin’?!”
Me: “Yes.”
TheLittlePrince: “In the potty?!”
Me: “Yes.”
TheLittlePrince: “I’m gonna make more!”

When he was done, I showed him his beautiful bounty. You would think he would have some semblence of an idea of what was in the potty, but apparently he didn’t. He looked up at me with wide eyes and jaw half-way to the floor. I don’t think he could’ve been more surprised than if he’d looked down and found he’d pooped a leprechaun.

I’m just glad we’ve graduated from pooping in our pants to the potty. 😉


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