Funky Town… tread lightly and bring chocolate


That is all.

Just kidding! Ha ha! No, that’s not all. Have you ever one of those days? Those are the days when you’re late for work because you spilled coffee on your self as you were rushing out the door. They are also the days when your kid has a dirty diaper at the library and you realize that your hubs has taken the wet wipes out of the diaper bag and never put them back. And let us not forget the days when you’re running around town in your beloved flip flops and you flip flop the whole darn thing apart.

No, this is not me. But this is how I look when my flip flop flops for the last time. 😥

While today has the makings of a great day (we locked in a great rate on the house we’re buying, we got our van fixed free of charge, and hubs is getting some overtime opportunities), I am in a funk.

Congrats! Baby #5 is NOT on their way!

…the kind of funk that requires a giant bar of chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, and Netflix. Lots of Netflix. Someone hand me a blanket and a cup of joe, I could totally go for some Darcy and Elizabeth right now.

I’m so “funky” that I almost threw out our only bed sheets in a fit of anger as I was making the bed. There is a permanent crease that’s been there for years, but today, today it’s a problem. Suddenly it’s life or death, and by golly, it’s gonna stop now. I’m drawing the line and you’re not gonna cross it, you dirty, rotten SHEET!

And while I realize that I could iron it, at the time, I would’ve rather ironed my own arm than iron a low-life sheet like that who has the nerve to have a permanent crease and disturb my perfectly made bed!

I can’t wait until Kristen is old enough to go through this together. Not.

I have a problem. I know.


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