No Shoes… No Thanks?

K-girl is a very strong-willed, opinionated 2-year-old, and we’re definitely having our battles. I’ve decided to go the kinder route and offer choices instead of forcing her to do things.

Recently we’ve been fighting the good fight of whether shoes are optional in 40 degree weather.

While I tend to think shoes should be worn, especially warm shoes like boots when the windshield has a heavy layer of frost, K-girl has decided that this frivolous accessory is no longer necessary. In fact, it lost its place in her wardrobe when Mommy hid the Minnie Mouse flip flops.

TheBaldEagle and I take turns driving the kids to school. When it comes to morning routines, I procrastinate. I’m not getting up any earlier than 6:06 am (not 6:05 because I need that extra minute). Actually, scratch that–I’m hitting snooze on that puppy until I wake up in a panic, sprint out of bed, and start throwing clothes at the boys.

So, one could reason that this is partially my fault. I’m well aware that K-girl no longer hold shoes in the high esteem that many women do and will vehemently protest them with every fiber of her being. And really, a wise mom would allow 30 minutes or so for this kind of “discussion”.

But not me–4 kids later, and I still haven’t learned.

So, I have every bit of 10 seconds to wage World War 3: Toddler Version. I already know I’m fighting a losing battle, so I decide not to fight.

Me: “K-girl, which shoe would you like to wear? The black, sparkly ones? Or the warm boots?” The enthusiasm is practically dripping from my voice and my faux grin could rival any Miss America.

There is a misleading hesitation next where my daughter actually pauses and looks at the shoes with consideration. K-girl slowly reaches out, her toddler fingers grip the black shoes.

I laugh maniacally inside. It worked! It worked! She’s alive! BAHAHAHA!

Then K-girl’s other hand reaches out… and she grips the boots.

My mind screams, “ABORT! ABORT!”

I’m frozen as I watch K-girl saunter away then silently launch both pairs of shoes across the house with the ease and grace of an Olympic thrower.

What do I do next? Get my morning workout, of course. Chasing a toddler in circles with a pair of shoes in hand is great cardio.