The post about extra money…

I frickin’ hate doing the budget.

At first it’s fine because the numbers say I’m going to have extra money at the end of the month. Numbers don’t lie! Numbers are cold, hard facts, right?

So, where the heck is this “extra” money?

I’ll tell you where it is–today it’s at JC Penney.

Oh, that’s right. I’m looking at you, you dirty money grubber. I even went into Walmart–the soul thief–and came out unscathed despite the piles of adorable, 90’s throwback toddler denim dresses lined with Fall-colored florals (still really sad I didn’t buy them), but you, JC Penney. I trusted you!

It started off as the innocent perusal of the boys’ clearance and ended with a two-year-old hugging an over-priced, stuffed Sophia the First doll while exclaiming, “My dah-wee! My dah-wee!” Whoever thought it was a great idea to add a huge section of Disney toys and dress-up clothes to the children’s clothing section is a jerk. Jerkity jerk jerk jerk.

I don’t even think K-girl knows who Sophia the First is, but after having bought hoards of Matchbox cars and X-Men figurines, how was I to say no to a squishy, purple doll? Then I was obligated to let TheLittlePrince purchase something or else look like some evil Disney stepmother.

The checkout clerk smiled knowingly and said, “My little girl does that, too, and five seconds after we get home, she forgets all about her new toy.”

As I sit here typing this, I have no idea where the new doll is. My two-year-old is behind me playing with marbles. (Edited to add that she has now found the doll and been carrying her around and feeding her for 20 minutes. Maybe I’m not such a horrible parent after all. lol)

Then she asks me if I want to open a Penney’s card. I got 99 problems, but a credit card ain’t gonna be one! No thank you!


I march my kids out to the car…

…and drink my overpriced coffee which is probably where the rest of my “extra” goes.

Anyone have Dave Ramsey’s phone number? 😛


First Day of School!

Not even gonna lie… sometimes I have fantasies about what life will be like when all my kids are in school.

Like, I’ll have the whole house to myself. I can clean without a trail of child-droppings behind me. I can do laundry and maybe watch some Netflix between loads. I can prep supper without little people tugging on me while whining about being hungry and other basic-needs malarkey.

Kidding, people.

But as good as those fantasies are–oh, let’s not kid ourselves, they’re pretty great–there’s something they don’t tell you about parenting.

You’re children will make you bipolar. Example: There’s nothing like that seething moment when you ask your child to do something, and they look you in the eye with a daring defiance and say, “No.” You may not have been an old-fashioned, Southern momma before, but you suddenly feel the urge to find a wooden spoon…

But just as quickly as you can find a good bar of soap to wash that mouth out, your child will look at you sweetly and say, “I love you,” and no song will ever sound sweeter. Your child will win an award or a ballgame or just spell something correctly for the first time ever, and you’ll beam like he just won a Nobel Prize.

And your child will walk out the door for their first day of school, and you’ll be counting down the minutes until they come back. Sure the first 30 minutes will be blissful… until you remember that they’re the whole reason you exist and every darn thing you’ve done was for those little twerps… and you’re kinda sorta lost without them.

And as soon as they come home you’ll be hugging them and asking about their day and maybe counting the minutes until they go back again.

Or is that just me? 😛


A goal is a dream with a deadline

I actually put blogging on my weekly schedule.

Seriously. I had to pencil it in. Because I wait for a really great story to present itself and next thing I know the week is gone, and I haven’t blogged. It’s the Arnold Weekly. So, I kinda need to blog weekly. I actually named it that cause I thought blogging weekly would be a breeze.

Ha ha ha.

But anyway, I put it on my Google calendar as “Blog and enjoy a cup of Joe” on Thursdays at 10 am. So, here’s to being regular. 😛

I had an English teacher who told me not to start every sentence with the word “I”. Sorry, Teach. You’re gonna hate this post.

I have so many dreams. I think that’s part of being a creative person. I see potential in things–and I want to do ALL THE THINGS! ALL THE THINGS NOW!

:::Wanted to put an image here, but WordPress and the computer wouldn’t play nice together. Why can’t we all get along?:::

I want to be a great mom and raise happy and bright children. I want to be there when they need me and be able to pick them up from school when they’re sick or go to school functions. I want to be available.


I want to grow as an artist and learn a crap ton. <–Official artist lingo. The tools I need are here, but no amount of tools make up for practice and hard work. I need to draw–a lot. Work hard, play hard.

I want to write. This is more of a bucket list thing. I write in my blog and that rocks! So fun and fulfilling, but I want to write a story. Definitely not the great American novel, though. I want to write the same fluff that I like to read because… why not? lol It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized not everybody gazed out the car window and saw a woman in white being chased in a field by some unseen force. Or told their children elaborate stories based on characters they made up. I think this is why I loved babysitting so much. I got to spend my days playing pretend with kids all day!

Being creative is like being a time bomb. Sometimes you feel like you’re about to explode with the energy and excitement of what you want to do. If I don’t find an outlet, ie drawing or knitting, I tend to go on baking sprees. lol

Other times, I get so worn down from busy schedules and housework, that trying to muster some creativity is like to trying to drink the last drop from your empty glass. 😦

I have this cool sign on my desk that says “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

One of my favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater, said that “the world will bow down for goals.” See the correlation? A dream is just a dream unless you have a deadline… then it’s a goal and the world will bow down for goals.

Mind. Blown.

I’ve always waited for things to be handed to me. For someone to say, “We love your work, come work with us.” Did anyone hear opportunity knock just now? No? Me neither.

But I never thought about making a list of deadlines to meet and taking charge myself. And honestly, I’ve always been a little afraid of success–afraid I couldn’t keep up once I got there. Afraid to fail.

So, I’ve decided to change the way I work. Time to be a little left-brained and more organized. Schedule blog time. Schedule art time. Participate in NaNoWriMo and WIN!

To my readers: Go get ’em, tiger! Go get inspired. Go dream. Go do the thing! And don’t stop until it’s yours. Make goals, set deadlines, and kick fear in the face!