The post about extra money…

I frickin’ hate doing the budget.

At first it’s fine because the numbers say I’m going to have extra money at the end of the month. Numbers don’t lie! Numbers are cold, hard facts, right?

So, where the heck is this “extra” money?

I’ll tell you where it is–today it’s at JC Penney.

Oh, that’s right. I’m looking at you, you dirty money grubber. I even went into Walmart–the soul thief–and came out unscathed despite the piles of adorable, 90’s throwback toddler denim dresses lined with Fall-colored florals (still really sad I didn’t buy them), but you, JC Penney. I trusted you!

It started off as the innocent perusal of the boys’ clearance and ended with a two-year-old hugging an over-priced, stuffed Sophia the First doll while exclaiming, “My dah-wee! My dah-wee!” Whoever thought it was a great idea to add a huge section of Disney toys and dress-up clothes to the children’s clothing section is a jerk. Jerkity jerk jerk jerk.

I don’t even think K-girl knows who Sophia the First is, but after having bought hoards of Matchbox cars and X-Men figurines, how was I to say no to a squishy, purple doll? Then I was obligated to let TheLittlePrince purchase something or else look like some evil Disney stepmother.

The checkout clerk smiled knowingly and said, “My little girl does that, too, and five seconds after we get home, she forgets all about her new toy.”

As I sit here typing this, I have no idea where the new doll is. My two-year-old is behind me playing with marbles. (Edited to add that she has now found the doll and been carrying her around and feeding her for 20 minutes. Maybe I’m not such a horrible parent after all. lol)

Then she asks me if I want to open a Penney’s card. I got 99 problems, but a credit card ain’t gonna be one! No thank you!


I march my kids out to the car…

…and drink my overpriced coffee which is probably where the rest of my “extra” goes.

Anyone have Dave Ramsey’s phone number? 😛


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