Introverts Unite! Separately! In your own houses!

Slog hard, play hard.

WordPress’s daily blog post prompt is the solitary word “slog”.

Yeah, I totally had to Google that. To “slog” is to “work hard over a period of time.” Ex: They were slogging away to meet a deadline.

Another example: I slog friendships.

Okay, that is probably not how that word is supposed to be used, but I do totally slog friendships!

Being an introvert, it is not natural for me for to just call my buddies up and ask to hang or send a simple message to say hello. I just always assumed that since we are friends, we are good. No maintenance required. We are now lifelong friends. Done. See you in 20 years.

That sounds ridiculous, right?

Apparently, to be a friend with someone, you should probably talk to them… Maybe ask them about their day? Maybe send them a card or small, special gift to let them know you’re thinking about them? Ask about their interests, family, life happenings, etc, then follow-up.

Didn’t really learn this until a few years ago. Mind blown.


Sometimes I am so distracted by my own little world and all the goings on in my head (full of rainbows, unicorns, giraffes giving birth, etc.), that I forget to pop into your little world and say hello.

See, I’m pretty good at being alone. Like, when the kids go to bed and the hubs is in his office in the basement, and I get the WHOLE MAIN LEVEL TO MYSELF! And it’s so gloriously quiet! And I can watch TV BY MYSELF! And I can EAT FOOD BY MYSELF! And I end up staying up later than I should because I’m relishing every minute of my alone time and recharging my mommy-bot batteries so I can be a rockstar mom and wife the next day.

But I don’t want to sound like a recluse. I love hanging with my friends–heck, I used to meet up with the gang religiously in high school every Friday night at 6 pm. I never missed a meet up with Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, or Sabrina for anything!

Okay, maybe they don’t count…

Please, ABC, bring back TGIF! I miss my friends!


So, if I’m a sucky friend, it’s because I’ve had years of practice. But don’t lose hope, dear ones, I’m slogging hard to be a better one!

Slog on!


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