Table for… 6???

Yeah, sometimes even we get confused about how many of us there are.

Hi, I’m Holly–the primary poster here, nurse, and artist. My husband and I live in the middle of nowhere with our four kids (who also think they’re stuntmen).

TheBaldEagle is my husband, co-conspirator, and occasionally comic relief. Oh, and he likes to wrestle our kids. And other dudes.

TheWiseOne is our oldest son. Mother knows best unless he’s around, and he’s not afraid to correct you either.

Z-boy is our second born, but when it comes to energy, he’s number one! He moves like no other–and falls, too. He’s never heard the expression “look before you leap” apparently. We have a saying at our house that it’s not a normal day until Z-boy has fallen!

TheLittlePrince is our youngest boy. He’s at the magical age where he thinks he’s the boss, and the rest of the family is cowering in fear.

K-Girl is our one and only rose among the thorns. She loves to play with cars, eat dirt, and slap and scratch her parents when she’s tired. It’s such a joyous age.

We’ve been told many times that our lives would make a good reality show. So, here we are keepin’ it real… Arnold style.


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