TracyandHolly: We <3 Etsy!

My back is better. I have not fallen into a post Thanksgiving dinner food coma.

And I now have an Etsy store!

Today is a good day!

My mom and I paint. That’s a vague statement, I know. But let me tell you how legit I am about this: For five seconds in college, I was an art major. Okay, maybe it was two weeks, but still. Then I realized that my love of stuff did not befit the life of a starving artist. So, I was like, “JK! Ha ha! I’ll go be a nurse now.”

But I still really like to paint. And my mom really likes to paint. So, our Etsy shop, TracyandHolly, was born.

Etsy is a win-win for me. I can still have my day job to make money so I can have “stuff”, but still satisfy my craving to paint.

My mom and I are quite opposites when it comes to art. While I prefer digital art, my mom is an excellent traditional painter (ie, oils). I paint rather “tightly”, but my mom is a very free-spirited, loose painter. Either way, we both have fun!

So check out the Etsy store and let me know what you think! I have some Christmas paintings listed now that would make beautiful Christmas cards! Thanks!!!


I <3 Halloween

Those who know me know I LOVE Halloween! I love the candy, costumes, and magic!

Christmas is great and wonderful and fabulous! I adore Christmas, but Halloween has my heart.

So, in honor of my favorite holiday, I painted this:

halloween surprise

The story is (because there’s always a story to my paintings–even if it’s a ridiculous one) that a teenage girl goes out on Halloween and meets a magical creature. It’s not finished. I wanted to add more detail–including children trick or treating, but I got sleepy.Maybe I’ll finish it… someday…

Or maybe not.