And then BAM! Christmas!

I’m typing this as I’m listening to Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Yes, I’m aware it’s about 50 degrees and raining outside.

And November.

I’ve already threatened my husband to keep his mouth shut about it or I’ll make him help me organize the house. It’s been quite quiet since.

The reason I start getting ready for Christmas in November is this:

Yep. Pretty much. I’m milking Christmas for all it’s worth because the day after Christmas, I’m done.


Halloween: Arnold Style

This year in Indiana, it snowed… on Halloween.

This is what happens when hundreds of little girls trick or treat as Elsa from Frozen.

I hate you, Elsa.

Despite the frigid temps, the Arnold family trick-or-treated. TheWiseOne was dressed as a Pokemon Ranger… which means that nobody knew what he was, but smiled politely and gave him candy anyway. Z-boy was a ninja turtle… again. (At least we got to recycle last year’s Halloween costume.) For TheLittlePrince, I paired a cape with a t-shirt that read “Super Stud”. K-girl wore a hat with braided yarn “hair” and went as a baby doll.

Unfortunately, it was so cold that you really couldn’t see the kids’ costumes well. In fact, they looked more like trick-or-treating eskimos. I had K-girl bundled up with a coat so thick that she resembled a pink beach ball. She was so round that I thought if I dropped her–God forbid–that she’d hit the ground and bounce back up in my arms.

Overall things went well. The boys were excited to visit their great-grandmother. Actually, they were excited to know they even have a great-grandmother. Because they’re boys, they’d completely forgotten they had a great-grandmother and this was suddenly new and exciting knowledge. Plus, they found out she has slot machines in her basement. (That’s a whole other story. Yes, my grandma is cool.) Then they found out that she is their only remaining great-grandmother and they were even more excited. (Edited 11/2/14: I have somehow wiped my grandmother off the family tree. They have two great-grandmothers. They see my grandmother so often that I think of her as their grandmother, too.)

“I hope she doesn’t die,” TheWiseOne thought aloud as we pulled in the driveway.

Please don’t say that to her,” I reminded him.

Somehow, I don’t think older people would take too kindly to my child joyfully yelling, “Trick or treat! Wow, you’re so old! Try to stay alive, okay?” But I dunno. You tell me.