Nerf Herders

There’s an unspoken gift war raging between my husband and his brothers.

TheBaldEagle and his two brothers take turns trying to find the most obnoxious toys to get each other’s kids for their birthdays. This year, TheWiseOne was the recipient of a Nerf gun. (Well, to be fair, I’m a horrible parent and don’t remember if one of his uncles got it for him or a friend. No matter.)

Anyway, the thoughtful gift giver made sure to buy extra ammo… much to TheBaldEagle’s delight. You see, husbands are really just kids who wear bigger underwear and are allowed to drive cars.

And so, as I was cooking supper, I overheard this conversation:

TheBaldEagle: “Put the apple on your head, LittlePrince. Now stand still…”
TheLittlePrince: “No!”
TheBaldEagle: “Put the apple on your head. I’m not going to shoot you. I just want to shoot the apple off your head!”

Next thing I know, I have a hysterical toddler clinging to my legs and screaming, “Mommy, don’t let him kill me!”

Now, I hardly think a Nerf gun shot is fatal, but TheWiseOne found out that it hurts when someone aims it at your behind.

TheBaldEagle at least had enough sense to look sheepish.


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