The Arnolds are Moving!

I promise my kids are all alive and well… and still ridiculous. šŸ™‚

There has been a reason (a pleasant one, actually) for my absence from the blog.


We unexpectedly sold our house and have been pack pack packing.

You might be wondering what I mean by “unexpectedly”. So, let me clarfiy:

Me: “Let’s put the house up for sale in two years.”
TheBaldEagle: “Okey dokey.”
AwesomeRealtor: “Let’s sell your house now. I has buyers.”
Me: “OKAY!!!!”
AwesomeRealtor: “Bam! SOLD!”
Me: “O. M. G.”

It is a real challenge to pack your house at Christmas. I’m sure you can imagine packing up the old toys while bringing in new ones covered in Christmas prints. Yeah… fun…

So, where are we going?

I have no idea.

But at least we are preventing my parents from ever having empty nest syndrome. šŸ˜‰


Kissing… Together!

We were watching a movie when TheLittlePrince noticed a couple kissing…

TheLittlePrince: “They’re kissing together!”

Me: “I think most people kiss together…”

TheBaldEagle: “Not me. I kiss by myself!” *smooches the back of his own hand passionately*

I don’t even know how we’ve stayed married for 10 years.

How to Become a Mermaid

Yesterday, my 3-year-old son became a mermaid.

Many parents dream of greatness for their children, but to think that mine has achieved becoming aĀ mythicalĀ creature (and a different gender) at such a young age is astounding. So long Harvard, hello Pacific Ocean! Prepare the coconut bra!

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “How is this possible???” Well, let me enlighten you.

TheLittlePrince’s 3 Steps to Becoming a Mermaid

Step 1) Find a green pillow case

Step 2) Insert your legs into said green pillow case

Step 3) Tell everyone you’re a mermaid

Now, I must warn you that mermaids cannot walk on dry land and may need some assistanceĀ getting around the house (ie, you will carry/drag your very heavy child and their fins everywhere). And siblings may or may not get angry and throw a little tantrum that it’s their pillow case that has transformed their younger sibling into a creature of the sea, but that’s a trivial matter.

Congrats on your new mythical creature!

To Butter or Not to Butter

I went to town for butter and came home with $65 worth of groceries, but no butter.

So, I sent TheBaldEagle for butter the next day. He came home with chili, underwear, and–you guessed it–no butter.

Some things are not meant to be.

In other news, TheLittlePrince has been teaching me my colors…

TheLittlePrince: (holds up an orange) “What color is this?”

Me: “Orange.”

TheLittlePrince: (makes a buzzer noise) “GREEN?! No, this is orange!”

You can’t win when a 3-year-old is involved. I don’t even try anymore.

My Precious

I made a beautiful ornament wreath…

And then TheBaldEagle came along…


TheBaldEagle does not like pretty things. šŸ˜¦

Well, truthfully, he claims he “accidentally” hit it with his shoulder.

A few times.

Or maybe several times.

Or maybe he just took it off and bashed it on the ground all WWE style.

The world may never know.

Head Bangin’

I walk past my bedroom to find Z-boy slinking out, looking slightly sheepish.

“Hey, mommy,” he grins. “I was just in your room.Ā There are gift bags on your bed.”

Insert eye roll here. “Yes,” I agree. “You were with me when I bought them at Aldi’s today. I needed gift bags.”

“Yeah,” Z-boy replies. “I see you have some gift giving business going on.”

I chuckle and walk away. You’ll not find your presents today, Z-boy. Not today.

Also, in Arnold-news, TheLittlePrince has hit a growth spurt and, apparently, it hits back.. He went from being in 3T to skipping right up to 5T. His new-found height has caused him some trouble–he gave himself a black eye today by running into the corner of the kitchen table.

He came, he saw, and the table conquered.

Conversations of the Arnolds

TheWiseOne: “Mom, I wonder if you’ll become a famous singer someday…”
Me: “What?”
TheWiseOne: “I overheard you singing. You have good timing.”

I don’t think good timing is enough to make you a world renowned singer, but I take the compliments where I can get them.

Also, we’re still working on potty training TheLittlePrince…

Me: “LittlePrince, do you need to use the potty?”
TheLittlePrince:Ā (excited) “Yes! (TheLittlePrince climbs on the potty and promptly pees, but continues grunting.) COME ON PEE PEE GET OUT! (farts) Oh, what was that?! A fart came out!”

Z-boy did not say anything funny this week because he was sick.Ā The only funny thing heĀ didĀ was act like a calm, normal child which was more funny-peculiar than funny-ha ha. In fact, we knew he was sick when we found him napping during the day. The child never sits down let alone takes a nap. He is feeling some better now.

K-girl doesn’t really have conversations at age 1, but she’s mastered the ability to slap people. And clapping is awesome to her right now.